In addition to the crucifixes and crosses shown below, we have other designs available,prices ranging from $ 7.50 to $ 45.00. If you wish to purchase items shown here or if you can not find what your looking for please contact us at (608) 568-3119 and we will assist you in whatever way possible.

Wooden Crucifix            $39.50
Wooden Crucifix $39.50

Cherry Finish, Pewter Corpus & Inscription Banner, Gold Crown

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Acryic Resin Crucifix          $9.95
Acryic Resin Crucifix $9.95

Jewelry Box incorporated in Base

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Sick-Call Set                 $75.00
Sick-Call Set $75.00

Oak Finish, Gold Corpus & Inscription Banner, Set includes: Two candles, Holy Water Bottle and Cotton

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